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Concrete sidewalks and walkways offer a time-tested, low maintenance product that is not only durable and functional, but can also become a beautiful piece of art using the various decorative options available today.

Concrete is the logical choice for walks due to its durability and easy maintenance, especially in the harsh winter environments we experience here in the upper Midwest. Proper preparation, cement mix, and installation practices must be used in order to survive the large number of freeze/thaw cycles we see here. LCM has over 30 years of experience in concrete sidewalk installation.

LCM Has Over 40 Years of Experience in Concrete Sidewalk Installation!

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Decorative options include several different methods of coloring, stamping, texturing, acid staining, stenciling, and exposed aggregate. Your concrete sidewalk can be installed to replicate cobblestone, brick, sandstone, tile, or even a wood boardwalk. Standard grey concrete is no longer your only option!

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